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The brief from Michelin-starred restaurateurs Stephen Toman and Alain Kerloc'h was to create a refined identity that would reflect their vision of the restaurant and it’s progressive ideals.

Pulling inspiration from minimal Scandinavian designs for restaurants such Noma and old ceramic marks found on pottery during the arts & craft period the identity for OX was conceived.

Using typographic influences from Futura and Avant Garde the letters were drawn and distressed.

The identity had to live comfortably ink stamped on kraft paper and applied to reclaimed wood. So black was the obvious colour. Simplicity in its form, yet original in appearance. The outcome can be seen here.

OX image OX image OX image OX image

Online prototype

Website prototype based around an instagram feed that would reflect visually the freshness of the restaurant and its ever changing menu and ingredients.

A simple layout with quick access to booking and contact details. Splitting the primary interactions into two facets. look & book.

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